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Cannabis can be powerful medicine. Your body is unique, and everyone reacts differently. We narrow down the right products for you to try, and together we discover the best ones for you. Join The Study and get a selection of free cannabis products delivered to your door, designed to help your specific needs.

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Why The Study?

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We Simplify Cannabis for You

The cannabis plant is a natural marvel, containing hundreds of different compounds. Different ratios of these compounds are responsible for the unique effects of each cannabis product. We’re here to help you find the right blend for you.

You Don't Need an Expert

You are the only person who really knows what’s right for your body. The key to good experiences with cannabis is starting with high quality lab-tested products and dosing them very carefully. We show you how to find your dose through a process we call self-titration.

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Your Participation is Required

You are the main ingredient. There are thousands of products in the marketplace.  Some may help you, while others may not be the right fit.  Our job is to narrow down those thousands of products to just a few curated products that are right for you to try.  Your job is to try each of these products and tell us how well each one works for you.  Together, we find the blend and dose that’s right for you.

How It Works

Step 1

Join The Study to get a selection of cannabis samples delivered to your door at no charge. We will email you to set up a date and delivery time.

Step 2

Products come delivered to your door. We walk you through each product, which one to start first, and how to set up your online profile.

Step 3

As you try each product, you share feedback with us on how well each product works. With your participation, together we can find your blend and empower others.

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Note From The Founders

Cannabis can be a very powerful tool for wellness. For many thousands of years humans have used plant medicine, because we evolved alongside it. Yet in the recent past, our society seems to have forgotten the ancient knowledge, and instead turned to synthetic substances. In our arrogance, man has tried to outsmart nature instead of listening to it. The time has come to explore a new approach.

We created The Study to facilitate an exploration of how cannabis, a natural medicine, can help people resolve issues with sleep, pain and anxiety. Everyone's experience is unique, which is why it's so important to discover how different products help different people and collect that knowledge.

When you Join The Study, you are taking control of your own wellness by doing the work to discover what's right for you. In addition to helping yourself, you're helping us discover what may work for others. You're contributing to the knowledge, and helping us bring light to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does The Study involve a selection of different products?

Everyone's body reacts uniquely to different cannabis products. We do our best to understand your needs from the beginning, so we can provide you with the right products to start with.

But to fine tune what's right for you, we need you to interact. After you try each product, you fill out a short online survey that helps us understand how well the product worked.

The results from your Study help you narrow down which products are right for you.

Is this a subscription? Can I cancel at any time?

Participating in The Study is about finding what's right for your needs. If you find a product you like, you may decide to opt-in to receive a monthly delivery of that product. Or, you can decide to purchase products on a one-off basis. There is no obligation or commitment. You have complete flexibility.

Is this something my doctor would recommend?

We encourage you to engage with your doctor in a conversation about cannabis. Many doctors are aware that cannabis can be used therapeutically, while others may be less familiar or may even have inaccurate information.

Our goal is not to replace your doctor, but rather to empower you with choice and control over your own wellness.

Is cannabis addictive or harmful?

Cannabis science is still in its infancy due to prohibition. As a result, there is a great deal of misinformation and confusion about the effects of cannabis use. Conclusive answers to these questions may be many years away.

Our research, which is founded on listening to the real experiences of cannabis users, has shown that when used properly, cannabis has very little potential for harm. The key is using the right products in the right doses. Our goal is to make that easy.

How will my personal information be used?

All of your personally identifiable information is stored securely and never shared. The answers you provide regarding your personal history help us select the right products for you to try and the right instructions for your experience level and use case. Then as you try each product and provide your feedback, we use your responses to assess how well each product seems to be working for you. Your experiences also guide how we help others in the future.

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